As the manufacturing industry develops, the human labor force-based industry gradually changes to mechanization and automation. Most of the current manufacturing industry has changed a labor-intensive to technology-intensive industry. And now we are in the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution.

Welding is also transforming into a technology intensive industry. The shipbuilding industry of Korea has been able to achieve tremendous growth while evolving from arc welding to FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding), but it still has a long way to go with complete mechanization and automated welding. Many companies believe that current technology can not implement mechanized, automated welding.

However, we have been developing automatic welding methods that can be used easily and quickly by anyone in various industrial fields for many years. As a result, we have secured a mechanized/automated solution that can take advantage of competitive labor markets with developing countries. Wow Metal Co., Ltd. promises to provide four solutions to you through our mechanized/automated welding technology. We will continue to develop our business aiming at cost reduction, shortening of delivery time, quality improvement and creation of new employment by mechanized/automated welding technology.