As the industry goes more advanced and sophisticated, it requires more advanced materials that demands more powerful material property, so mankind had to make alloys in a form that could not exist naturally on earth. That is the powder metallurgy alloy steel. Powder metallurgy alloy steel is produced by mixing various non-ferrous metals and various rare earth elements in powder form and sintering in a high-temperature and vacuum state. Because of these materials are cannot exist naturally in earth, it`s almost impossible to manufacture the product with conventional methods. Plasma arc welding(PAW) is the only the way.

  • Plasma : A state in which a material receives sufficient energy and is ionized to lose electrons.
  • Arc welding : Join the metal to metal by using electric arc as heat source.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc

Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)

Plasma Arc


  • Plasma arc welding is similar to tungsten inert gas welding but is a more sophisticated technique. Insert the electrode into a copper nozzle to create a pilot arc and connect it to the base metal to create a heat source. Due to the latest plasma technology from WOW Metal, our automated plasma arc welding process will provide cost effective and high productivity for today’s highly sophisticated industrial environments.
  • Our automated plasma arc welding process is optimized to continuous precision automated manufacture procedure, and it has deep weld penetration with less heat affected areas to make less defect, high productivity, more efficient than any other welding technique.